05 : Workshops


Since 2012 Leo Rafolt has started an extensive research on Koryu Budo principles and their connections with Nanbudo as well as other Gendai Budo styles or modern martial arts. This led him to take a second PhD in Kinesiology, but also to start to conduct different workshops for general public, performers, actors and dancers, students and others interested in implementing Budo somatic principles and movements into their daily practice or their profession.

Out of these research several types of workshops evolved, such as basic movement workshops, including traditional Japanese somatic principles, stances, breathing exercises, balancing and self-awareness routines, feeling-the-space exercises, embodiment strategies, as well as advanced and/or focused workshops on different aspects of Budo kinaesthetics, for example ki-energy, zanshin or lingering-mind exercises, body attunement strategies, etc.